Sez You isn’t about sports.  Well, not completely.  We don’t do commentary on sports, make predictions, interview athletes or run fantasy leagues. Sez You is about the commentators — think of us as the anti-commentators. Why?

Have you watched/listened to a game lately?  There was time in this fair land when you tuned in for a game — any game, but for purposes of illustration, let’s say, oh, Stanford vs. Cal — for the commentators as much as the teams playing.  Normally, I wouldn’t care one iota about watching this game.  But during the time of the great commentators, I would.  Why?  Because if Keith Jackson (“WHOOOOA NELLLLY!”) and Frank Broyles were calling the game, you got not only some of the most original commentary in sports, but some thoughtful insight by professional broadcasters who truly understood what they were talking about.  Today, sadly, the enjoyment of the game is, if not spoiled outright, diluted by some of the worst commentators on TV. From the cliche to the mastery of the obvious to the just plain annoying, today it’s tempting to watch the Yankees-Red Sox with the TV on mute rather than suffer through 3+ hours of “analysis.”

So, rather than fume and mutter at the TV set, Sez  You offers an alternative to todays’ sports commentary — we comment on the commentary. Enjoy.


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