28 June 2011: Back to the weirdness…

After a long hiatus, I’m going to give this blog another shot. Mainly because I have more time these days (no, I did not get fired) and because in the world of sports there is no shortage of the comical, the absurd and the just plain weird.

Speaking of the latter — and this is the real reason I re-started this blog. Last night in San Diego, two remarkable things happened at Petco Park: (1) the Padres did not take the field in their atrocious (and over-worn) “military appreciation” jerseys, and (2) a Cirque du Soleil performer threw out the first pitch.  Sort of.

Ok, props up front. Dude threw a strike. After flipping and twisting through the air. I don’t know the technical name for the maneuver, but I call it Damn Difficult.

Still, the Cirque du Soleil? Really? Anybody else a little creeped out by this eerie, otherwordly troupe? Maybe it’s the association with clowns. Or the acrobats. Or something. But whenever I watch the performances, I’m somewhere between fascinated and trying to keep my skin from crawling.

My daughter, the die-hard Cardinals fan, is going to kill me for this one, but I loved the creativity too much to let it go by unnoticed. Via Vimeo, a  hilarious mash-up of Edwin Encarncion’s 9th inning HR and “The Natural.” Baseball translates in any generation.


I love Jim Leyland. Great manager. Great people skills. Inspiring leader. Vast vocabulary. What’s hilarious about this clip is the reactions — or lack thereof — by his player and base coach. “No, no, Skip, you got this one.”



Finally, today’s birthday wishes go to John Elway.


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