O, Football, Where Art Thou? 8 February 2011

What does Alyssa Milano have to do with baseball, you might ask? Not a thing.

This is what happens when football season comes suddenly, painfully to an end: stories about a supposed Major League Baseball phenomenon called “Truck Day.”  Ever heard of it? Me, either.  But apparently, it’s a BIG story, big big big.  So big that MLB.com has a (big) story on it.

Truck Day is “an annual rite of spring” where all the baseball players pack up their bats, balls, gloves, PEDS, and sunflower seeds and head to the ol’ ball park in Arizona or Florida.  This “modern Truck Day tradition continued in earnest on Monday” all over America.  Did you hear the sound of dozens of trucks firing up across the fruited plain?  Probably not, because all you could hear yesterday was the squawking about Christina Aguilera’s National Moment of Disgrace and Freedom Hating, also known as “a screwed-up national anthem.”

But Truck Day happened.  Not even the Grinch could stop it.  It came anyway.
Truck Day is important.  We know this because the interwebs tell us so.  It’s the “very important step of hauling all that equipment from the Major League ballpark to the Spring Training destination.”  Yep, you can’t play the game without balls, no doubt.  Gotta set aside a whole day, name it something and get ‘er done.

Truck Day is also helpful to the “clubhouse managers” who would otherwise not know when to get to work.  The Nationals’ Mike Wallace, for example. “With Moving Day, we know it’s the beginning of the 2011 season because the offseason is now over,” Wallace said. “As the stuff gets loaded, you keep saying to yourself, ‘please have enough room, please have enough room.’ But it always works out to where we get everything on there and then the truck is on its way.’”

THAT was a bullet dodged, wasn’t it, Mike?  What on earth would happen if THERE WASN’T ENOUGH ROOM? It would be a National Moment of Disgrace and Freedom Hating, for sure.  Thank God the hand-wringing over the question of “Will it fit?” was avoided.

There are photos!  To mark the momentous occasion!

That’s right, photos (real photos) of guys in jeans and hoodies and boxes and trunks and dollies and, of course, TRUCKS. It is, after all, TRUCK Day.

So, what we have learned? Well, when it comes to spring training, truck it.

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