Super Friday Flashback and a top 50: 4 February 2011

The whole “G” in Green Bay thing has legs.  At least three more stories on the Internet today about Tiki Barber’s questioning the Packers regarding what the G stands for, which I first mentioned waaaaaaaaay back here.





Ok, I have to admit to lifting this one, but it was too good (and right in my wheelhouse) to pass up. put together the 50 best play-by-play moments in sports history.  I laughed. And laughed. Especially at #48. And I’m warning you right now, the USA hockey team is not the No. 1 moment.  Maybe that’s because these moments include international sports. But no NFL until #39? Please. And I’m sorry, but there’s no way in a fair world that Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series – and more importantly, Vin Scully’s thrilling call – rates being as low as #32.



I’ve also mentioned tattoos on several occasions, and even the fact that I have my own Saints tattoo (among several others) to commemorate the Saints’ Super Bowl XLIV championship.  But this is taking it a bit too far, especially when you’re a couple of years out of playing shape. On the good side, though, the artwork itself is pretty darn good.




The last Friday Flashback before the Super Bowl, and this one should come as no surprise. You saw this one coming, right?

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