Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right … 2 February 2011

Here I am, stuck in the middle (of the week) with you.

Today is a a three-sport day, so we’ll start with the NBA. Not to be outdone by other sports’ uniform mania, the NBA has partnered with Adidas to unveil new jerseys for the 2011 All-Star game — skin-tight ones.  Why?  Well, here’s the explanation.  After reading that, and looking at the garment, it seems more like a quick way to make a buck (I know, shocker) than a fashion statement. I wonder how they’ll do at the merch stands.




Meanwhile, in baseball, Manny Ramirez is a Dodger no longer.  As a Dodgers fan, this comes as no surprise, and my initial reaction is, “Well, saw that coming.”  I didn’t figure L.A. was going to dole out the cash for Manny again.  As for Damon, the Rays got a good deal — well, sort of.  Damon’s a great hitter and still has great speed.  I’d want him on my team for those reasons alone.  But that arm …. wow, what a liability.  He throws like a girl.  And before you get all “Don’t be a sexist” on me, my own daughter (former softball player herself) says he throws like a girl. You can watch the press conference here or read about it and watch the presser here.


Next, no, this wasn’t an easy excuse for me to post a pic of Maria Menounos (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I just thought it was a good example of the blurring of the lines between sports and entertainment.  Plus, Matthews cleverly (not really) got in a plug for his sponsor.  Watch the media session here.



Staying with the Packers for a moment, remember a few days ago when I told you that the “G” in the Green Bay logo doesn’t stand for “Green Bay” — it was originally supposed to stand for “Greatness” (and still does, as far as we know)?  Watch Tiki Barber ask the Packers about it.  Told you so.


Finally, how silly does Super Bowl media week get? Take a look for yourself, courtesy of Charissa Thompson.




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