Monday Mahalo: 31 January 2011

“Mahalo” means thank you in Hawaiian, if you’re wondering.  And speaking of Hawaii reminds me of the Pro Bowl.  I’ve ranted enough about it — it’s a pointless game stuck in an awful time slot (a week before the Super Bowl), etc.  And that doesn’t even get to the hideous jerseys this game produces.  Every year, the Pro Bowl committee (if there is such a thing) comes up with a new definition of “monstrosity” with the jerseys — and they’re equally ugly for both conferences.  Yeesh.

Just to prove it’s not just me, here’s a surprisingly good (AP)  write-up.  Sometimes the written commentary is better than TV, and this is a case in point.  Yesterday’s game was just … dumb. 42-0 in the first half? Please. 55-41 final score?  Just plain ridiculous.

My kids are going to yell at me for this, but when it comes to inane commentary, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the X-Games.  Look, I get the games. It’s cool, it’s fun and it takes a certain amount of phenomenal athletic skill to do those tricks. But when one Monster-fueled 20-something after another rattles on about how sick the moves are and uses the “official” names (Triple cork, McTwisty, blah blah blah), you just want to roll your eyes and hope these people are never anywhere near classified information or positions involving the national security. And then there’s this.  Ok, we get sex jokes, too, junior.

On the other hand, I got no problem with Erin Andrews. Even when there’s a fat kid in the background stating the obvious. Ok, kid, we know, we know.  Erin is hot.  Now sit down.




Finally, this combines two of my favorite things: baseball and Billy Bob Thornton. From the annual St. Louis Baseball Writers dinner, at which Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa was roasted.  Not exactly Dean Martin-esque, but still pretty good.  Don’t worry, all the naughty words are bleeped.  But the fact that there is such an organization as the “St. Louis Baseball Writers” association tells you just how much St. Louis loves its Cardinals.


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