Friday Flashback, Fisher Fired: 28 January 2011

Before I get to the Friday Flashback Super Bowl Edition, let me say thanks to you, dear readers. Yesterday was an all-time high for visits to SezYou. Thanks for your support, and tell your friends.

Ah, Friday. Pro (Yawn) Bowl weekend.  I don’t call it a game, because it’s really not. An all-star exhibition to be sure, but just that. I’m not real sure why the NFL continues to hold the Pro  Bowl (wait, yes I do: $), but this weekend, it’s all we got.  I don’t have any intention of watching it unless I happen to land on whatever channel it happens to be on this year.  There is, however,the Lingerie League conference championship games on MTV2.  Works for me.

Sorry to see that, as of late yesterday, Jeff Fisher is no longer employed by the Titans. Fisher was the longest tenured coach in the league.  Just for perspective, Fisher coached the Titans when they were the Houston Oilers.  As fine a coach as they come, a coach who was always able to get the most out of all of his players (being a former player himself).  And he came a lot closer than most coaches do to winning a Super Bowl.

Ever wonder what players and coaches really say on the sideline?  For a few years now, the league has taken to putting a microphone on players and coaches, sometimes with hilarious results and sometimes just mundane football play-calling mumbo jumbo.  But NFL Films (which should rate a space in the Smithsonian, as far as I’m concerned) has put together this very entertaining collection of “wired up” players and coaches.  It’s interesting how many plays are named after another team.  And how cool is Mike Tomlin?

In News of the Weird, SF Giants closer Brian Wilson is, as we Southerners say, a few bricks shy of a load. Period.  And I’m beginning to wonder if the beard is fake.  I’ve always had suspicions about it.  But this “interview” by George“Still Not Funny” Lopez, is just … bizarre.

Finally, I post the penultimate (I really love that word) Friday Flashback with some hesitation.  True, this was the game-winner. Yes, Michaels & Madden are great.  But, really, haven’t we seen this catch a thousand times? Awesome drive by the Steelers, though.

What will be the final FFSBE clip? Hmmm…. Suggestions welcome.


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