Now you see ’em … 26 January 2011

Might as well get a headstart on baseball season, since we’re all snowbound in Virginia in the grip of yet another deadly Snowmageddon event of Biblical proportions.

From the “You’re Way Overthinking This Dept.,” San Diego is a military town, and it really supports its troops. Between Camp Pendleton just to the north, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, Naval Air Station Coronado and the Navy’s 32nd Street base, that’s a lot of troops.  Every year, the Padres hold a Military Appreciation Day, during which the team wears camouflage jerseys. Yeah, not exactly the best look on the baseball diamond, but the intent is good. Well, they’ve unveiled this year’s jersey (at left). It’s intended to honor the Marine Corps, but — naturally — some Marines are poor-mouthing the effort. You can read the article here. Camo Guys, it’s a jersey. Don’t think about it too much.



In other news, Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Chad Johnson. I have a few words to say about this important matter: Who cares?





In still other news, there should really be classes for professional athletes in how to handle media interviews, and Rule #1 should be: Don’t Say It If You Don’t Want It Heard By The World.  Detroit Lions LB Zack Follett, in a radio interview yesterday, called his quarterback, Matt Stafford, a “china doll.” Of course, he had context. Of course, he didn’t mean anything negative. Which leads me to Rule #2: Don’t Try To Explain Your First Comment Because It Only Makes It Worse. Right, Zack, it’s the media’s fault. And Obama’s.

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