Oh, the humanity: 17 January 2010

Apparently, CBS’ Jim Nance is easily offended. Why, I never!

Anything I would have said about Nancy’s poo-pooing of this seemingly harmless celebration was already said (rather well) by Chris Chase, the author of the post.  I snickered more at Nance’s condemnation of the player more than the celebration itself.  His overreaction reminded me of Joe Buck’s (probably feigned) horror when Randy Moss pulled his “faux mooning the crowd” shtick.

End zone celebrations, for better or worse, are part of the NFL.  Sometimes they cost the team a penalty (a la Joe Horn’s “phone call from the end zone”) and sometimes they don’t (95% of the buffoonery that takes place after scoring a touchdown).  Think of how “shocking” Billy “White Shoes” Johnson must have been back in the day – his prowess as a return man are on full display in the link, and his end zone antics show up at about the 2:25 mark.  Johnson was one of the first, if not the first, player to celebrate after scoring, and his “funky chicken” dance is still the best.

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