Happy New Year: 1 Jan 2011

Never woulda thunk it, but the SEC is 0-3 thus far in bowl games. More interestingly, every D-1 school in Florida is in a bowl game this year: Florida, Florida State, Central Florida, South Florida and Florida International. That’s pretty astounding, considering the last three have been playing D-1 ball for only about a decade.

Yesterday was a pleasant surprise as far as commentary goes. Hats off to the crew for the lamely named Meineke Car Care Bowl. I enjoyed the brief discussion on nicknames that ensued after it was pointed out that one of South Florida’s D-linemen is nicknamed “Dancing Bear.”

“They all have nicknames, and what is it with linemen — they all have cool nicknames. You got Dancing Bear, Pork Chop — ”

“Anybody ever call you Pork Chop?”

“Uh, no. NO.”

It was a nice break from the mundane. Interesting distraction in the game was the on-screen tag for the bumper music — song/artist. Was that to remind those of us actually watching the game how out of touch we are with today’s music scene?

But the deal of the day was easily the Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl. Ron Franklin called the game. Franklin is, at least in my mind, the frontrunner to assume the mantle of the great Keith Jackson. I could listen to Franklin all night, and of course I did. Watching the SEC lose yet another bowl game was no fun, but it was a treat to hear Franklin’s delivery. Here’s a sample from the 1995 Alabama-Tennessee game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3vsfUZV_4o

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