MNF P.S.: Nov. 30, 2010

Chucky called out Arizona QB Derek Anderson for laughing on the sideline when his team is down 24-7. He wants it to “bother” Anderson. Didn’t like seeing the QB yukking it up on the sideline. The sound quality of this link leaves a little to be desired, but you get the gist of what’s going on.

Just a couple of points. Yeah, I get Gruden’s point, not the best of form. And personally, if I were in Anderson’s shoes, I’d lean more toward a Brady-esque rant imploring my teammates to step up. At the same time, who knows what Anderson was talking about? Maybe he was trying to buck his team up with humor. Maybe it was disbelief, like, “Man, this is just an ol’ fashioned butt-kicking.” Then again, maybe it was ,”Two dudes walk into a bar …” We don’t know. And Gruden certainly didn’t know. Had Anderson been moping or hanging his head on the sideline or, I don’t know, throwing portions of his uniform into the stands, then Gruden still would have found fault with his comportment.

Of course, Gruden wasn’t the only one who noticed (thanks, no doubt, to Jumbotron). Here’s the post-game press conference. Make your own judgment:

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